Coin Combo Flags
Coin combo flags activate if you touch them with the required coin combo level.
Head Stand Slide
You can run, slide, reverse direction, fall head first and land into a head stand.
Riding On Crabs
Ridin' on crabs!

You can also break their shell which will cause them to run around in a panic until they find another one.
Menu Translation
According to the steam hardware survey, 95% run windows, but only 45% have english as their primary language setting. So I have added translation support. This might seem like something you do at the end of development, but I didn't want add features that didn't work with translation and have to undo them later.

Also visible in this screenshot are the new score and collectable huds, which represent a complete rewrite of the save system.
Dive Mechanics
This clip shows the different speeds at which you can break bricks. First the normal jump and dive, then holding down and mashing jump to dive repeatedly, then precise timing of pressing down immediately after each brick breaks, then finally a hill slide into a speed boosted dive.
Slope Physics
You can now slide down hills to accelerate to faster than normal running speed. Also when running or sliding over the sharp crest of a hill, you will maintain your vertical velocity so you can do sick jumps.
Death Flags
Skull tokens that activate when you reach a certain kill combo. Adds a bit to the completionist/skill challenge layer of the game. The skulls can also activate electrical wires, so you can have doors that open after a certain kill combo is achieved.
Wire Crossover Tiles
Perennial Wire Crossovers
Crossover wire juctions - They make wire layout a lot easier.
Binary Counter
Binary Counter
I built a binary counter using the wire system. We're still a ways away from building a full computer within a level, but some fun stuff is already possible.
Electric Sign
Electric Sign
You can now have more than one electrical system firing at once. This means that continuous action machines can operate and you'll still be able to open doors elsewhere on the map.
Spark Accelerator Tweaks
Perennial Spark Accelerators
The little fans are spark accelerators. They make the electricity travel through the wire instantly. I just tweaked them so the acceleration only happens until it hits the next accelerator - which allows for more subtle timing of actions.

Also debug info spam.
Sliding On Hills
Perennial Sliding on Hills
You now conform to the ground slope when you slide. Looks a lot better.